PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Contra EvolutionHD

ContraIt is Friday again, and that means time to take a walk down memory lane with games from our childhood. Each week, we dig up apps and games that remind us of our younger years. Last week, we went all the way back to the mid 1980s to a time when gaming on an Apple II was a novelty.

This week, we head back to the same decade with a few years tacked on. PunchBox Studios launched a version of Konami’s hit run-and-gun game Contra in the App Store about two weeks ago. However, without warning, it was pulled with no explanation. Luckily, for fans of the shooter game, it is back online and ready for play.

In 1987, Contra found its way into the hearts of prepubescent boys around the nation. Players either control “Mad Dog” Rizer or “Scorpion” Bean. With weapon in hand, you could run, jump, and shoot six ways till Sunday.

The newly released iPad version is called Contra EvolutionHD and it is a fairly decent rendition of the original. There are some bonus extras that make it more than just a simple port. It features high-resolution graphics, a completely different weapon system that allows players to buy guns with in-game cash, and two new characters. That’s right, Contra is no longer a boys club. You can now gun down enemies with the feminine wiles of Flame Rose Erica and Moonshadow Inohara.

If you remember using the 30-lives cheat code in the late 1980s, then you are in for a treat with this version. Unfortunately, the controller-based cheat code does not work on the ipad.

You can pick up Contra EvolutionHD in the App Store for $2.99.

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