British Airways Looks to Change the way You Travel with Wireless Luggage Tag

BA Electronic Luggage TagAs technology pushes through to new and innovative heights, Airlines seem to be following close behind with their own ways of making life more convenient and cost effective for everyone. American Airlines, as well as a few others, recently switched to Electronic Flight Bags. Today, British Airways announced that it will be rolling out an electronic luggage tag service by 2014.

According to The Verge, the international airline will begin working on a beta program with employees that will last three months. The program involves reusable luggage tags that feature e-paper type displays and near-field communication technology. Information from the tag can be beamed down from a compatible app on a smartphone.

Although the company is currently using NFC technology to transfer information between devices, British Airways told The Verge that they will probably switch to another form of beaming technology, like Bluetooth connection, since not all devices are capable of NFC.

This plan nearly ensures that Apple will not be adding NFC technology to the next generation of its iPhone.

A representative with British Airways said that the company is using this technology to focus on reducing time spend in airports. The goal is to make it possible for passengers to take less than one minute to drop off their luggage.

This program could be easily incorporated into Apple’s Passbook service. It would make frequent flying a breeze and would probably shorten lines at the airport significantly.

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