PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Propellerhead’s Thor Synthesizer Makes its way to the iPad

Thor BannerWelcome to this week’s edition of Sound Stage. Every week, we keep our well-trained ear to the ground for news and information about apps and accessories that are a musician’s paradise. Last week, we told you about the Nave Wavetable Synthesizer from Waldorf Music.

This week, we wanted to spotlight Naves biggest competitor in the App Store right now. Propellerhead’s Thor Polysonic Synthesizer app for iPad is really giving Waldorf’s music maker a run for its money.

Propellerhead is best known for its simplistic music creation app Figure. Don’t be misled by Figure’s downscale design. Thor is a professional piece of digital music software that offers unbelievable capabilities. It is a modulation synthesizer with a powerful sequencer.

Thor 2

The app is separated into three main screens – Keyboard, Knobs, and Routing. Each section includes special features that are designed to work with the musician’s comfort zone.

Thor comes with a piano keyboard with transpose and range control, modulation and pitch bend, three oscillator slots, three filter slots, three envelopes, dual LFOs, delay and chorus effects, a “Knobs” screen that is divided into panels that can be expanded and collapsed, and a miniature keyboard to try out sounds as you create them.

The oscillator slots come with six different types, including Analog, Wavetable, FM Pair, PhaseMod, Multi Osc, and Mod. The filter slots include six different types, Lower Pass, Ladder, State Variable, Comb, and Formant.


There is a routing matrix that lets you create complex modulation and signal flow setups and a step sequencer with 16 steps and six channels. The channel options include Note, Velocity, Gate length, Step duration, Curve 1, and Curve 2.

  • General App features:
  • Patch compatible with Thor in Reason on your computer

  • Move patches to and from your iPad using iTunes

  • Sound bank with more than 1000 Thor patches from leading artists & sound designers (Kill the Noise, Richard Devine, Chris Petti and many more)
  • Gorgeous retina display interface

  • MIDI in – play Thor from an external MIDI source or from another app on the same iPad
  • Audiobus compatible – stream audio from Thor to another audio app on the same iPad

  • Audio in background option lets Thor keep playing in the background when working with other apps.

You can download Thor Polysonic Synthesizer in the App Store for $14.99.

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