Steve Jobs Talks About his Legacy in Previously Unreleased Interview

Steve Jobs 1994 Interview SVHA

It seems like every few months or so, someone finds an interview with Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs that has never been seen before. PBS aired a never-before-broadcast interview with Jobs and Magnolia Pictures released a movie in theaters with found footage of an interview with the enigmatic executive. There is even audio footage from Jobs’ 1983 International Design Conference speech floating around out there. That is just a small list of the various interviews, speeches, and other clips of the world’s most popular CEO that have come to light since his passing in October of 2011.

Recently, the Silicon Valley Historical Association offered up a clip of a 20-minute interview that that was conducted in 1994 when Jobs was the CEO of NeXT. The footage, which was released on EverySteveJobsVideo, shows the dark-haired entrepenuer remarking on the nature of technology and its fleeting existence in our world.

“All of the work I’ve done in my life will be obsolete by the time I am 50,” says Jobs. “This is a field where one does not write a principia which holds up for 200 years.”

Basically, Jobs is saying that his own legacy of taking part in the creation and population of the personal computer is a fleeting as the technology itself.

The 60-minute documentary, title “Steve Jobs: Visionary Enterpreneur” is available as a digital download for $14.99, a DVD for $24.99 or an audio-only track for $4.99 from the Silicon Valley Historical Association.

[Via: MacRumors]

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