Logitech Easy Switch Keyboard Supports Apple TV

Easy-Switch-MainDid you know that Apple TV supports Bluetooth technology? I guess I never even looked for that. I know that the iOS app Remote from Apple can be used on the set top box in conjunction with the iPad. It is a bit clunky and tends to freeze up. It is good in a pinch, but I always end up using the physical remote instead. Which makes entering text a real pain.

Logitech recently reminded consumers of TV connectivity from their company blog. Since we reviewed the Easy-Switch Keyboard from Logitech in January, I thought I’d try it out on my Apple TV. Guess what? It works great.

Thanks to the Easy-Switch technology, I was able to connect the Logitech keyboard to my Apple TV in just a few seconds. I paired it with channel 3 and was typing into the YouTube search bar like a pro.

To connect the Easy-Switch Keyboard to Apple TV, go to the settings section on the set top box. Then, select General. Then, select Bluetooth.

The next step is to push the Bluetooth button on the back of the Easy-Switch Keyboard so that it becomes discoverable. When the three channels start blinking, touch the key you want to pair the keyboard with. Once paired, your keyboard will be usable on Apple TV.

Apple TV 2
The Easy-Switch Keyboard is designed to be compatible with Apple related products. It works great with Apple TV. There are command keys specifically related to Menu, Media Control, Select, D-Pad, Pause/Play, and Tab. Of course, the best part is that you can type text so that when you are searching for a movie with a really long title in Netflix, you don’t have to use the remote to move around and find the letters. You can just type it using the full keyboard.

Now, they just need an Easy-Switch Keyboard that has four channels so I can pair all of my Apple devices instead of having to leave one out.

You can purchase the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for $99.99 from the company’s website. This little gadget will come in very handy when Apple TV is upgraded to run iTunes Radio.

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