AT&T Quietly Turns On FaceTime over Cellular Support for iPhone and iPad

facetimeWhen Apple launched iOS 6, FaceTime over cellular was the big news. Users could finally video chat with friends and family while on the go. Unfortunately for AT&T subscribers, the ability was limited by what your carrier wanted to allow. At first, AT&T claimed that it would charge a fee to use FaceTime over cellular. Then the company announced that it would only offer the service to subscribers on its data share plan. Then, the shared data plan restriction was lifted, but still limited only to LTE-enabled devices. That left out all iOS devices running on unlimited data plans that AT&T doesn’t even offer anymore, but can’t force customers off of.

Last Month, AT&T announced that it would enable first-party video chat apps on its network over the course of 2013, which would finally make FaceTime over cellular available on all devices. It looks like the Internet provider is finally making good on its promise. With no official announcement, activation of FaceTime over cellular is taking place all over the U.S. for customers on all plans.

According to AppleInsider, activation has been verified in New York, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, California, and Hawaii. The quality of the video stream appears to be just as good as it is on Wi-Fi networks. This suggests that AT&T is not throttling the use of the feature to customers.

Since AT&T has not officially announced the rollout, there is no news as to which cities will be next or how fast the service will spread out. However, based on confirmed activations, it appears that the cellular provider is targeting large metropolitan areas first.

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