Apple to Add iTunes Radio and Conference Capability to Apple TV

iOS 7 on Apple TV

Thanks to the recent demonstration of iOS 7 at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the main focus of our attention has been on the new look of our mobile Apple devices. There was one device that was noticeably missing from the keynote, Apple TV. Even though Apple has been talking a lot about television in the past year, their only connection to the living room was not mentioned at all. However, it appears that the company’s “hobby” will get some love this fall. Apple TV will be compatible with iTunes radio.

According to a demonstration video from Isaac’s Computer Tips channel on YouTube, You can jailbreak your Apple TV to upgrade your software to version 5.4, which is being called iOS 7.

The video clearly shows Apple TV running iTunes Radio; complete with stations you can listen to, the ability to add artists to your playlist, and a direct link to purchase music from iTunes. You can create playlists based on preexisting station or create a new one by entering an artist’s name into the search bar.

Apple TV is also going to have Conference Room Display, which makes it possible for users to share content in meeting rooms. This mode allows everyone in the room the ability to connect their iOS devices to the Apple TV using AirPlay.

There is still very little known about what “iOS 7” on Apple TV will feature in its final release, but it is great to see the set top box getting some love.

[Via: Apple Insider]

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