What Does The New iOS 7 Skin Look Like on the iPad?

iOS 7 on iPadWhen Apple showed us the new and amazing features of the upcoming iOS 7, we were excited to see the complete redesign and all new look. The iPad, however, was noticeably absent from the Keynote. All of the pictures on Apple’s website show the new operating system running on an iPhone. Over the weekend, tech tweeter Sonny Dickson posted pictures of what iOS 7 looks like on the iPad to his Twitter feed so that the world has an idea of what to expect in the fall.

Dickson shows a screenshot of the Settings app, the Contacts app, Spotlight, Control Center, Notification Center, Newsstand, and more. There is also a side-by-side comparison of the current app icons and the app icons in iOS 7. The biggest complaint I’ve heard so far from beta users for iOS 7 has been the unattractiveness of the app icons. Maybe Apple is still working on those designs.

Settings on iPad iOS 7Newsstand on iPad iOS 7

While I’m looking forward to seeing iOS 7 in all of its flat-design glory, I have to admit that some of the screenshots posted by Dickson look kind of awkward on the iPad. It seems like the font is too small and there is not enough visual appeal to cover the entire screen. Spotlight is a good example of what I mean. The app icons and text sits on the far left of the screen with these long dividing lines taking up the rest of the screen.

Notification Center on iPad iOS 7 Spotlight on iPad iOS &

No matter whether you love it or hate it, iOS 7 is the new look for Apple products. Unless you don’t plan on updating, you will have to get used to it.

[Via: CultofMac]

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