NFL Teams Work Hard to Make their iPad Playbooks Hack-Proof

Digital Playbooks App

Digital Playbooks App

FOX Sports recently wrote an article about NFL teams dumping their 40-pound playbooks in exchange for an iPad that could literally hold every NFL playbook in one device. While you might think that traditional playbooks are safer from prying eyes than digital technology, the NFL has gone to great lengths to ensure that their secrets don’t get into the wrong hands.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Chiefs told FOX Sports that the team has done to great lengths to ensure that their iPads don’t get hacked. ““The iPads will be managed by a mobile device management console along with multifactor level security.”

Players are fined in the tens of thousands of dollar range if they lose their iPad, so it is in their best interest to keep it close at hand. Plus, the team has set up precautions that allow them to wipe an iPad remotely. The tablet will also be wiped if a password is incorrectly entered more than three times. Some teams add “time bombs,” which automatically wipe an iPad immediately before the kickoff of a game.

When you think about what would happen if a paper playbook got into the wrong hands, there is no way to protect the team from its secrets being exposed. You can’t erase a paper playbook. You also can’t stop it from being photocopied and sent around to others. There is no password in place to keep a person from opening a playbook binder. It’s not like those things are diaries with little gold keys that each player has tied to their wrist with a pretty red ribbon.

Instead, iPad playbooks are more secure than any paper copy. According to Justin Forsett of the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL iPad playbooks are completely clean of all non-football applications. Additionally, the tablet isn’t even capable of connecting to the Internet from his residence.

“The thing I really like about the iPad is that you don’t have to go to the facility to watch film of practice, opposing teams or whatnot,” said Forsett. “You can watch it right on your iPad.”

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