PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Properly Clean Your iPad

How to Clean your iPadToday is a big day for iOS users. Today we find out just how different the updated iOS 7 mobile operating system is going to be. We will probably be seeing a “flatter” graphic design, but there is a potential for more than just a new look. Rumor has it that Apple is going to reveal a streaming music service.

Additionally, Apple will undoubtedly make tweaks and alterations to things we have only recently figured out how to use. That’s why, every week, we give you tips and information on things you may not have already known about using your iPad.

Last time, we told you how to get a digital download of a movie that you’ve purchased onto your iPad.

This week, we have some tips on how to clean the gunk off of your iPad without ruining the coating or scratching the surface.

These days, you can get a microfiber cloth with practically every glass-covered product you buy. I have at least a dozen of them stuffed into different pockets, boxes, and pouches. They are the most important cleaning tools for keeping your iPad’s screen sparkling clean.

But, sometimes a microfiber cloth is not enough. Sometimes, your nephew sneezes on it, or wipes his sticky, peanut butter covered fingers all over it and you need something a little stronger to remove his paw prints.

You can’t just spray your iPad with Windex and rub it down with a paper towel. The screen needs special care and attention in order to ensure that you keep your screen in pristine condition.

First of all, never spray Windex, or any other cleaning solution, on your iPad. Don’t even use soap. The iPad’s screen comes from the factory with a oleophobic coating, which helps repel oils left behind by hands. That’s why fingerprints were so easy to clean off when you first got your iPad, but it take a few more rubs to get rid of them a year or so later.

The only thing that should touch your device when cleaning it is a damp soft cloth. Grab one of your many microfiber cloths and get it just a little bit wet. If it is too wet, water may drip into one of the button’s crevices and make it harder for you to convince an Apple Genius that you didn’t drop it in the toilet if you have to take it in for servicing.

Wipe the damp cloth across your iPad in a wide, sweeping motion to cover as much of the screen in one swipe as possible. The less times you clean your iPad, the better. Remember, you’ve got to preserve the oleophobic coating for as long as possible.

You can use the same, damp cloth all over the entire device, but be sure the water can’t drip into the cracks.

After you’ve gotten the kid boogers off of your iPad, let it air dry. You may see a bit of spotting on your screen. After it is completely dry, you can give it another rub down with a dry microfiber, or other soft, cloth.

The key to cleaning your iPad is never to use a cleaning product on it and never use too much water.


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  • Future I Touch

    Hi Lory, Great Article thank you.

    We make high quality products for cleaning iPads and other touch screen equipment. Not expensive but really good quality and truly effective. You are right about microfiber cloths… except that they turn into Biohazards over time. You know with the the “Kids Boogers” etc… and then when you actually wash them in the laundry they pick up lint and dirt that can scratch.

    Our stuff is clean and effective every time. I would be happy to get some to you to try out. Please let me know. We have two different versions on Amazon – Regular iCloth for handhelds etc and our iCloth Avionics product for larger and multiple displays … the Avionics product is used by 1,000s of commercial pilots daily to keep their iPads and other avionics displays clean daily.


  • xtinaaa6

    I have read multiple reviews asking questions about using products and chemicals on screens and it absolutely makes me cringe!! At most, a dab of water is all you need. I actually use LYNKtec’s Smartie Microfiber Cloth and have been for quite some time. It’s still incredibly effective after a lot of use and I can just throw it in the wash to keep it in mint condition!