This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Running With Friends

Running with Friends 6A new week has begun, and what better way to start it off than with an app that Apple’s editor thinks is the “bees’ knees.” Every week, Apple spotlights a game that has a special something to it. Last week, a fun simulation game created by an indie developer was honored with the nomenclature. Star Command kept me busy all weekend.

Words with Friends skyrocketed to the top spot when it first launched in the App Store. Scrabble enthusiasts and word game fanatics couldn’t get enough of the social game. Since Zynga took over the franchise, the company has launched a number of “…With Friends” titles. You can play a game of hangman in Hanging With Friends, test your strategy skills in Chess With Friends, and now you can try your luck at an endless runner game against others in Running With Friends.

Running With Friends is an endless runner that takes place in Pamplona, Spain during the Running of the Bulls. As one of the runners, you must travel down the town’s narrow streets as far as you can before getting rear ended by an angry bull.

Running with Friends 5 Running with Friends 7

Just like traditional endless runner games, players swipe upward to jump, downward to slide, and left and right to turn. Unlike traditional endless runner games, you will be competing against another player for the top spot.

After you’ve played a tutorial round, you will be linked up to another player and you will compete for points against them. You can find friends to play against through Facebook or be automatically matched with a random player. You can also search for players by username.

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You will take turns running. The player that earns the most points in a run wins the round. You pay for game continuations with gems that you earn. Each round allows you to continue three times. You start the game with 3,000 gems and earn more each run. However, you can buy more through in-app purchases if you run out.

After your run, you must wait for the other player to complete his or her run. At the end of three rounds, the person with the most points wins. You will earn points for collecting stars, speed, distance, and sliding into certain obstacles like crates and bales of hay.

Running with Friends 3 Running with Friends 1

You can download Running with Friends for free in the App Store. The game does offer in-app purchases. You don’t need them to play. However, you may need them to beat your opponent.

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  • Raul Huerta

    When will it be available for android 4.2??? ,i cannot find it in the app store anywhere