Microsoft Research Finds 80% of Users Don’t Like Web Browsing on the iPad

Microsoft Windows 8It is somewhat known that many iOS users are not huge fans of Apple’s Safari. Some complain of the inability to change the default browser and wish the iPad maker would allow some level of personal choice. According to Microsoft, 80 percent of iPad users have had “problems browsing the Web on their iPad.”

According to ArsTechnica, in an effort to design the ideal tablet experience, Microsoft polled iPad users. Of 1,500 surveyed iPad users, 80 percent said they preferred to have a “better browsing experience on their iPad than they currently had with Safari.”

The article from ArsTechnica goes on to state that iPad users surveyed expressed interest in trading in their iPad for a Windows 8 tablet based on the Web browsing experience they just had.

“If you take an iPad user… and show them [Windows 8] browsing, they get super excited about things like full-screen… the fact that my website is front and center and I’m not sharing it with a bunch of tabs along the side,” said Roger Caproitti, Microsoft’s director of marketing.

Microsoft wanted to improve on the iPad’s browser capabilities because they discovered that most users will visit an online website, like the New York Times, instead of accessing the news information through the company’s app. Because Web surfing appears to be an important part of the tablet user’s experience, Microsoft wanted to design a browser that would interact better with touch screens.

Of course, a better browser does not necessarily mean that consumers will toss out their iPads in exchange for a Windows 8 tablet running Internet Explorer 10. Apple has made a big impression on the tablet community in spite of the iPad’s Web browsing shortcomings. The company’s app infrastructure and well-designed mobile operating system is more appealing than a good browser experience. Plus, you can always download a different browser on the iPad. You just can’t make it the default.

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