Wish You Could go to Paris, France? Let Apple’s 3D Flyover Take You There

3D Flyover Paris, FranceApples mapping service may not be completely reliable for getting you from point “A” to point “B,” but it is great for virtually traveling the globe. Recently, Apple added 3D Flyover in its Maps app to 16 more cities and this week, iGen.fr is reporting that France’s city of love has received the graphic upgrade.

According to the French-language website (translated by Google Chrome), it is now possible to use Flyover in Paris, France. Although not all areas are available in Flyover, users can zoom into virtual 3-D buildings at Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and even Disneyland Paris.

Apple’s Flyover feature lets you see major metro areas from the air with photo-realitic, interactive 3-D views. You can pan, zoom, tilt, and rotate around certain areas of featured cities for an in-depth view of the area.

It is great to see that Apple is putting effort into its mapping service. However, the basics are still suffering. According to comments within the iGen.fr post, users are still reporting issues with directions. One commenter claimed to have ended up in a field thanks to incorrect data. Another mentioned that the biggest problem with Apple’s Maps app is that businesses are listed in the wrong place, don’t have the correct name, or are left out altogether.

If Apple is not careful, their mapping service will end up as nothing more than a novelty for virtual travel and not a usable app for actually getting anywhere.

[Via: Cult of Mac]

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