Apple Needs to Turn TV ‘Hobby’ into a Real Business

iTVMarket analyst firm Diffusion Group recently launched an in-hope electronics report that showed “Smart TVs,”  – television sets that are connected to the Internet and have built-in applications like Netflix streaming capabilities – are more popular than set-top box devices like Apple TV and Roku. This begs the question of when will Apple enter the television set market with its rumored “iTV”?

According to Gigaom, the report shows that 25 percent of broadband households own at least one Smart TV, compared to 12 percent in 2011. Set-top boxes only grew from 12 percent to 14 percent in the same time frame.

Business Insider noted that Apple entered the smartphone market when smartphones only had nine percent of the mobile phone market. The tablet market was at zero. If Apple launched a television set right now, it would enter the device when 25 percent of consumers already own a Smart TV. And, television sets aren’t like phones. Most people don’t just replace one every couple of years just because the technology has changed so much.

What it comes down to is, if Apple wants to actually make an impression on consumers with a television set, it had better do so soon. As it stands, the market is already too big for Apple to capture a large section of it right out of the gate.

If Apple does hope to turn the world’s television-watching audience into iTV users, then their submission to the market had better be something amazing. Otherwise, consumers won’t think much of it and will stick with what they know, which is Samsung and Sony, and other Smart TV makers that have already entered the market.

Undoubtedly, Apple has already thought of this, which is why the idea of a branded television set from the company is so appealing. Apple won’t enter the Smart TV market unless they are sure that their product will impress the masses.

Apple’s iTV, if it is real, is going to be awesome.

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