Will Massive iOS Overhaul Delay the Release of iOS 7?

Jonathan IveWe all know that it is coming. Apple recently admitted it in a press release regarding the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The release of iOS 7 is imminent. The questing now is, when? According to Bloomberg, the next mobile operating system update for Apple’s mobile devices may be the biggest in the company’s history. And, it may take longer than they thought to be ready for us.

According to unnamed sources that spoke with Bloomberg, Apple’s senior vice president of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive, has been a busy beaver, overseeing a complete redesign of iOS. This undertaking is a bigger task than Ive realized.

Since the ousting of former software chief Scott Forstall, it has been rumored that Ive would throw out the skeuomorphic themes that have gotten somewhat out of hand (wood bookshelves, leather bound address books, etc.) and replace them with a more streamlined, sleek design.

Bloomberg is reporting that Ive is “methodically reviewing new designs” in an effort to avoid another “Mapgate” debacle. According to the sources, Apple engineers are racing to finish iOS 7 in time for a June preview at this year’s WWDC. Additionally, staff from the Mac team has been cajoled into helping the mobile software group finish the job.

It is better to delay the launch than to release a less-than-adequate product. When Apple launched iOS 6, it wasn’t ready. The company is still dealing with the effects of their crippled mapping service. It would serve Apple better to wait until the mobile operating system has all of the bugs worked out, even at the expense of frustrated customers who want to see the big update by this fall.

Hopefully, Ive won’t make the same mistake that Forstall made last year. If iOS 7 gets the polishing it needs before we see it, it will be worth the wait to avoid having a broken or buggy operating system.

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