PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: iPad Car Mount

DIY Car Mount It’s time to talk do-it-yourself again. We are big fans of homemade crafts here at PadGadget. If you made it out of stuff lying around your house; even better. Last week, we told you about a DIY iPad stylus brush made from an old paintbrush and some metallic thread. It looks like your metallic thread is really starting to come in handy.

This week, we found a very simple, but very useful DIY car headrest mount from Geek Dad Life. If you want to play movies for the little ones while on long trips to grandma’s house, but don’t want to invest in the high cost, you will love this easy and inexpensive headrest mount.

All you will need is a folio case and a belt.

If you don’t already have a folio case for your iPad, you can pick one up for as little as $7.99. You don’t need anything fancy. You don’t even need it to be able to stand the iPad up at an angle. You just need a case that has a cover that flips over.

If you don’t already have a belt… well, you really should have at least one belt. However, if you don’t have a belt you are willing to part with, go down to your local thrift store and pick up one of those nylon ones with a D-ring. Don’t use a belt with notched holes unless you are sure it will fit snugly around your headrest. You have to be able to cinch it pretty tightly. “Dad” used one of the free belts that came with his Old Navy khakis.

DIY Car Mount 2

Step one: wrap the belt around your car’s headrest mount. Cinch it tightly so that it won’t slide down.

Step two: slide the flipped over folio cover (with the iPad in it) and slide the cover through the belt.

Step three: strap in the kids, play your movie, and hit the road.

Dad added one more feature to his mobile entertainment system. Since the iPad’s audio is muffled by its placement against the headrest, he suggests adding a cheap set of external speakers.

DIY Car Mount 3

Your audio system can consist of what ever you like. If you already have a set of speakers, just plug them in and go. The real problem is in finding a spot for them so that they don’t fall over. If you have Bluetooth enabled speakers, you could stick them anywhere in the car. I guess the iPad external speaker dilemma will be saved for another DIY project.

Thanks to Geek Dad Life for coming up with such a simple and cheap solution for an iPad car headrest mount.

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