How the iPad has Changed the World of Business

iPad in BusinessAccording to a recent survey by hospitality industry Wi-Fi provider iBahn, travelers are leaving their laptops at home and using iPads instead. For the first time in history, the past nine months saw a drop in laptop use. How does lighter computing affect the business world? The iPad may be a great mobile gadget, but it is no replacement for a laptop. Or, is it?

The data from iBahn [Via: USA Today] shows that more travelers are turning to iPads and other tablets for their computing needs. This has created a need for better Wi-Fi with more bandwidth. The company surveyed travelers last year about tablet use. Approximately three-fourths of those surveyed said they prefer their laptops for streaming videos. However, the same question was asked in this year’s survey and the results were “dead even.”

In addition to watching movies in their hotel room, business travelers are turning more to their iPads for its convenience and mobility. While laptops are lighter and thinner than every before, nothing competes with the mobility of a tablet. The iPad has proven itself worth in the business world as being a workhorse in the industry.

When Apple launched the 128 GB iPad, nearly all Fortune 500 companies had either already deployed, or were testing, iPads across their workforce. The larger-capacity tablet ensured Apple’s place in enterprise as a laptop replacement device.

There may not be an official version of Microsoft Office on iOS yet, but Apple’s tablet has proven that it can be the traveling businessperson’s companion. With iCloud, users are never without access to all of their important documents and files. With AirPlay mirroring, the iPad becomes an HD quality projector screen. There is nothing the iPad can’t do for the business professional.

Not to mention that the size and weight of the iPad is the main reason it is a worthy replacement for a laptop computer. You can toss it into your briefcase, shove it into a side pouch of your carryon bag, or just hold it in your hand while boarding a plane. The battery life is much longer than that of a laptop and it doesn’t overheat nearly as often. The 4G LTE model makes Internet use a speedy process, even when there are no coffee shops nearby to connect Wi-Fi to.

With the advent of cloud computing, users no longer need disc drives or even jump drives to move data between devices. Now that Apple offers a “business class” model iPad with 128 GB of storage, there is no reason that today’s traveler would need a laptop instead of an iPad. Especially if you invest in a good quality keyboard case.

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