iPad Safari Tips – How to View and Search Web Page Source Code on Your iPad

The iPad is the perfect tool for surfing the web but sometimes you need to go a bit deeper and view the source code of the page your currently viewing.  This is can be especially true if you’re a webmaster, web designer or developer working on a project.

If you’ve always wondered how to check the source of your web pages via the iPad, search no more. As we previously highlighted, the folks at RavelRumba have put together a nice “bookmarklet” that will allow you to access the source of any web page, simply by using a bookmark.

To make the magic happen simply follow these four easy steps:

  1. Go to this page, and copy the bookmarklet (tap for more than 1 second, hit “Select All” then “Copy”).
  2. Create a bookmark via the “Add Bookmark” function in Safari (the plus sign next to the address bar). Don’t worry about the actual page you are bookmarking, it does not matter.
  3. Open the “Bookmark Bar” (the icon that looks like a book), tap “Edit” to edit the bookmark you just created. Replace the bookmark name with something friendly like “Check Source”, and delete the address that was initially bookmarked. Replace it with the code you just copied (long tap, then “Paste”).
  4. Save the bookmark.

And voila, your iPad will now display the source of the page you’re currently viewing, every time you use the “Check Source” bookmark.

Once you have the page source on your iPad’s screen, Safari’s “Search” function makes it easy to find specific code buried deep inside a page.

To find a specific keyword, simply tap on the search bar at the top of Mobile Safari. Type the word or phrase you’re looking for, and right below the Search suggestions offered by the browser, a new section will appear called “On This Page.” The number of occurrences of the word you are looking for is displayed, and if you tap on your search query, Safari will take you to the first instance of the word on the page you are currently browsing.

If the first instance of the word you’re searching is not what you’re looking for, no worries, as Mobile Safari also offers a control bar at the bottom of the screen, when in Find mode. Thanks to this new bar, you can very quickly scan through the page until you find the right word in the right spot.

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  • fnf

    Does anyone realize this now exists in safari on the ipad. At least it does in iOS 6.1.3. Click on the bookmark icon and go down to “View Source”.

    • Bill_PadGadget

      You’re absolutely right to mention that the newer iOS versions include the “View Source” feature. We included this “bookmarklet” option since it works across all versions of iOS on the iPad and many of our readers are on older iOS releases.

      Thanks for the tip!

  • Peter John Hottenstein

    any updates on this for iOS7?