Google Now Finally Comes to Google Search on iPad and iPhone

Google NowGoogle’s answer to Siri for Android devices has been a big hit for non-iOS users. The virtual personal assistant has been rumored to be making its way to the iPhone and iPad. Today, Google launched an update to their branded search app that includes Google Now for iOS devices. Who will be better at booking appointments, Siri or Now?

Google Now will give you updates on current traffic conditions, tell you whether your flight is on time, let you know the weather report for any location, and alert you when it is time to leave for your next appointment.

Similar to Siri, Google now keeps track of your daily meetings, tells the weather, traffic, flight status, and more. You can quickly get directions to a location that you’ve already stored in your device, like a hotel or office building.

Get reminders that will alert you when it is time to head out for your dinner reservations, including traffic conditions. If you’ve purchased tickets for a concert three months away, set up a notification to remind you of the event. You can track packages, remember friends’ birthdays’, and even keep track of your monthly walking or biking activities.

Google Now also lets you stay on top of stock prices, the housing market, sports scores, what movies are playing, concerts, and even areas experiencing weather emergencies.

When you go on a trip, Google now can become your personal tour guide, offering information on public transportation, places to visit, nearby attractions and events, and great photo spots. Google Now will even translate phrases for you and let you know the daily currency conversion rate at your location. If you want to check up on the kids, but don’t want to call home too late at night (or early in the morning) you can use Google Now to find out the time back home and plan your communication accordingly.

Google Now and Siri may be similar, but they actually perform different functions. Really, to get the best personal assistant, you need both. Isn’t that just like real life? You can never be satisfied with just one personal assistant.

Google Now is inside the update for Google Search, which is available for free in the App Store. To take full advantage of Google Now’s features, you will need to sign in with your Google account, which is the same account you use to log into Gmail or Google Plus.

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