PadGadget’s iPad Tips: Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets App Review

Tips & Tricks 1There is so much that the iPad can do that we don’t know about when we unbox the device for the first time. Even after we’ve familiarized ourselves with as much of the iPad’s features as we can possibly learn, Apple may change everything with a major update. Because it is difficult to know it all, every week, we tell you something about the iPad that you may not have known before. Last week, we gave you some tips on using Siri, including some funny responses she has to your questions.

This week, we have an app that is the perfect gift for new iPad users. Whether you have just unboxed your own Apple tablet, or someone you know is getting a special present this year, Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets will tell you everything you need to know as an iPad “newb.”

The Tips & Tricks app is basically a very simplified book. Users turn the pages to reveal a new tip. It is not word-heavy, but it is very useful. Each page offers one or more tips that will inform iPad owners of all levels.

Tips & Tricks 7 Tips & Tricks 6

To read a new tip, swipe from right to left, as if you are reading a book. The page flips to show some basic tip that you may not already know, plus a big picture to show you what is being written about.

Tips included home screen shortcuts, app organization, battery consumption, mail, security, and much more. There are19 chapters in all, including a troubleshooting guide and a chapter on advanced features of the iPad.

Tips & Tricks 5 Tips & Tricks 4

You can save favorite tips for quick access, jump from chapter to chapter, and turn the page flip sound effect on or off. If you find a tip particularly useful and want to share it with others, you can post a link to the app on Facebook or Twitter, or email it directly to someone.

There are 159 tips ranging from the simplest hints, like how to delete an app, to some pro tricks that you may not ever have known without help from this app, like how to disable iMessage content previews.

Tips & Tricks 3 Tips & Tricks 2

Tips & Tricks is only $0.99 and worth every penny. If you are new to the iPad, or know someone who is, this app is a priceless addition to your home screen.

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