Padgadget’s Flashback Friday: The Bard’s Tale

The Bard's Tale MainIt is time for another installment of Flashback Friday. Here, we talk about the wonderful games we played as a kid. Depending on how old you are, we may talk about games you played as a kid, too. Last week, we told you about C64: Elite Collection, a collection of PC games from the 1980s by Elite Systems Games.

This week, we are stepping into the world of fantasy with an epic role-playing game that would make even the most experienced adventurer blush. The Bard’s Tale may be based on the 2004 console video game, but its creation was heavily influenced by the 1985 fantasy role-playing video game of the same name.

The Bards Tale 2

“Would the lady like a song? I can play the tune of the gods, for a price. Oh, I can also kill those rats in your basement with my magic loot.” The Bard’s Tale is a top-down role-play adventure with a heaping helping of humor. The original story that the game is named after is anything but funny. However, one of its creators decided that games of this nature needed a dose of reality and in 2004 this version was launched.

This Bard’s Tale puts you in the role of a wayward traveler with a gift for killing rats and pleasing barmaids. You will go on adventures that will pit you against evil creatures who ravish the lands and wizards who kidnap princesses.

The Bards Tale 1

The Bard is voiced by Cary Elwes, who played the role of Westley in “The Princess Bride.” The game centers around the Bard’s exploits involving zombies, giant rats and beer. Players can choose to either play the game as a “Nice” bard or a “Snarky” bard. The outcome of each situation will changed, depending on how you respond to non-player characters.

The graphics look retro, but are good enough to be from this decade. The story’s plot is simple, but humorous. The whole point of this game is to poke fun at the seriousness of role-playing games and it does its job well. The game’s narrator will oftentimes insult the Bard for making decisions that turn out to be wrong. Or, simply insult him for the sake of insult.

The Bard's Tale 3

If you like classic fantasy role-playing games, but have a sense of humor, The Bard’s Tale will make you happy. It is not entirely unlike reading an issue of Mad Magazine. It is regularly priced at $5.99, but is on sale for only $2.99. The app’s summary states, “Hurry, before we come to our senses.” However, the game has been on sale since December of 2012. I’m thinking, they won’t be going back to the original price anytime soon. But, just to be safe, hurry anyways. It will make the developers feel better about themselves.

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