Padgadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: iPad Flush Mount in Kitchen Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Mount 1If you are reading this website, then you love your iPad. We do to. We also love Do-it-yourself projects that involve the iPad. Last week, we told you about an adorable iPad cover made from a cardboard box and an old skirt.

This week, we are getting a bit more complex with a kitchen cabinet mount from IkeaHackers. If you don’t mind cutting a 10-inch rectangle out of your cabinet, this project is not too difficult to accomplish.

You’ll need some T-slotted aluminum framing, or “aluminum T profile” as it is described in the how-to guide. You will also need some corner brackets, adhesive, a padsaw, a wood chisel, a rear cover made from something sturdy, like sheet metal or a very sturdy piece of plastic, and two hinges.

This how-to guide is not very descriptive, but the images tell the story.

First, measure the aluminum frame and glue the corner brackets so that it snugly fits the iPad. Then, cut a hole in your cabinet that measures the iPad frame with the padsaw and chisel out a section for the dock connector. Glue the aluminum frame into the hole

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Mount 2

You’ll need to cut two strips that are the length of the iPad and two that are the width. On one side, be sure to carve out a section so that the iPad’s charger can plug into the connector.

For the back cover, it appears that the project’s creator, Dirk Noy, used a sheet of aluminum, but you could use any thin backing, as long as it didn’t interfere with your ability to keep the iPad flush with the cabinet door.

To mount the back cover to the cabinet, attach the cover with hinges. The images shows one, long hinge, but you could use two smaller ones that attach with four screws. Look in your toolbox to see if you have any unused hinges lying around.

The top can be securely shut using a latch that is mounted to the back of the cabinet.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Mount 3

The instructions don’t mention the best way to keep the charger cord in place, but Noy’s image shows that it is mounted with cable holders. Some of the readers commented with ideas, including taping it down with white duct tape or cutting a channel out using a router.

This may seem like a lot of work and a somewhat destructive solution to an iPad mount, but it looks great and, if you’re cabinets are getting old anyway, it is a great way to make them look more modern. You could also use this same project for a cabinet in the garage so you could stream your podcasts while building new DIY iPad projects.

Thanks to Dirk Noy from IkeaHackers for showing us this DIY project.

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