Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! to Launch on iOS in May

SorceryChoose-your-own adventure books, or “Gamebooks” were a huge hit in the early 1980s. If you were over the age of seven at that time, you’ll remember how fun it was to “skip to page 25” or, “go back to page 13.” Recently, gamebooks have made a comeback on the iPad with new technologies to help turn the classic stories into interactive apps. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! was picked up by Inkle and is set to launch in the App Store in just a few weeks.

This app uses more than just text and a few interesting graphics to tell an interactive story. Using “Inklwriter” technology, the story unfolds as you virtually travel through the pages.

The Sorcery! saga will be released across four apps that utilize elements of role-play gaming, table-top adventuring, and interactive storytelling. You’ll be able to talk to every character, visit every location, and explore every nook and cranny of the Sorcery! world.

There is a spell-casting system that takes advantage of the iPad’s touch screen to allow users to master their skills with 50 different spells and effects.

Based on the PAX East demonstration by iMore, it appears that this app is much more than just a text-based adventure game. It is feature rich with graphics, interactive maps, and swipe-to-attack battles against bad guys that you meet on your path.

The first release, “The Shamuntanti Hills ,” is set to launch in the App Store in May with a summer launch of the second in the four-book series.

Check out the video below from iMore to see Sorcery! in action. If you are having trouble seeing the clip, click here for a direct link to it on YouTube.

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