PadGadget Photobooth: Store Thousands of Extra Photos with the iFlash Drive

iflashdriveWelcome back to another week of PadGadget Photobooth, my weekly column that features an array of useful photography apps and accessories. Last week, I highlighted Repix, an awesome iPad app that allows you to paint high quality effects onto portions of photos with a finger. Today I want to share a brand new accessory from the folks over at Photojojo.

The iFlash Drive is a thumb drive designed to work with the iPhone or the iPad, which is perfect for those of you who want a super quick and easy way to transfer photos from your computer to your iPad or from your iPhone to your iPad (it works in reverse, too).

There are two versions, one for Lightning devices like the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, and the fourth generation iPad and a 30-pin version for devices like the iPhone 4/4S and the older iPads. Both versions come with a dongle that plugs into your iDevice and a USB attachment for plugging into the computer. The Lightning version is even backwards compatible with 30-pin devices.


The iFlash will move photos and other content from your iPad to your computer without the need to sync your device. It’s a simple drag and drop process. There are other options, like the Eye-Fi SD card that I detailed in another Photobooth post, but the iFlash has the benefit of a tethered connection, which means it is ultra speedy!

It’s also able to extend the storage capacity of your device. The 30-pin version offers up 8GB of storage while the Lightning version has 16GB, aka thousands of photos and double the storage space of the standard iPad.

Want to transfer some of your photos to a friend in a jiffy? Entirely possible with the iFlash.


While this is a fantastic solution for photos, you’re not limited to using it just for photography. The iFlash will store whatever you need to store, including music, videos, and documents. These are all accessible using the accompanying app that comes with the iFlash.

Because you can view photos and videos directly from the app, you can carry your entire photo portfolio with you without worrying about sucking up valuable space on your iPad. How awesome is that?

You can get your own iFlash Drive from Photojojo for $99 (30-pin version) or $149 (Lightning version).

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