Deal Alert: Best Buy Slashes iPad Costs, Walmart Offers iPad mini for $299

walmartminiYesterday we posted that Best Buy was offering the third generation at rock bottom clearance prices. That deal is still going on and you can snag a third generation 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for just $315 or a 32GB iPad for $385. That’s a major deal since the lowest price you can get for a 16GB mini from Apple is $379, in the refurbished section of its online store.

You can only snag one of Best Buy’s discounted iPads in-store, and some stores don’t have many in stock, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to purchase a shiny new Apple iPad at an amazing price.

You can use the Best Buy website to check for sale models and then reserve them for in-store pickup.

Best Buy isn’t the only retailer offering fantastic deals. You can also currently purchase an iPad mini for just $299 from Walmart. Like Best Buy, the iPad minis must be purchased at Walmart, but you can reserve them online to get the deal.

When I checked, the Walmart stores had plenty of iPad minis in stock, so securing one should be no problem.

Two deals not enough? Well, don’t worry – there’s more. MacMall is offering discounts on several of the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini models. For example, the site is selling the white 32GB mini for $419, a small discount off of its regular price. Sure, it’s not as dramatic as the deals being offered by Best Buy and Walmart, but saving a little change here and there is still fantastic.

Why are all these retailers cutting prices on older model iPads at the same time? Do they know something we don’t? With all these sales going on, it stands to reason that major stores are clearing out stock in preparation for the next generation iPad and iPad mini, which could be released at some point in April.

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  • CPA01

    Garbage. No Best Buy has these in stock. And it’s in store pickup ONLY.

    Ran a large number of cities and zip codes and every single one came back “unavailable”

    Large cities like Houston with numerous Best Buys all returned “unavailable.”

    • Juli Clover

      Sorry about that. The iPads were available in several areas when I posted, but they did end up selling out very quickly after the news hit.