Cook’s Apology Eases Tensions, China Loves Apple Again

China iPad mini LaunchChina has been aggressively attacking Apple in its State-run media for the past few weeks. The iPad maker has been accused of stealing movies, infringing on patents, and treating Chinese consumers differently than the rest of the world. Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an official apology to the people of China and offered changes to the warranty policies the company has in the country. Today, Reuters is reporting that the apology was accepted graciously and things are good between Apple and China again.

According to Reuters, Apple’s apology came after days of media attacks and threats of penalties from two government bureaus. Cook promised to change the terms of warranty conditions on some of the company’s iPhone models.

The apology worked perfectly. “The company’s apology letter has eased the situation, softening the tense relationship between Apple and the Chinese market … Its reaction is worth respect compared with other American companies,” wrote the Global Times, a State-run newspaper published by the Communist Party. The foreign Minister of China commended Apple for “conscientiously” responding to consumer demands. “We approve of what Apple said,” spokesman Hong Lei told reporters.

According to Reuters, Apple was smart to take its lashes and humbly apologize. We may reject government intervention here in the U.S., but the Chinese state media is more powerful than any media corporation around.

Reuters writes, “With the apology and warranty change, Apple’s mea culpa is significant not just because it comes from a tech firm that rarely apologizes, but also because Apple may be realizing that in China, it needs to be proactive.”

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