Apple’s Contract With Samsung Set to Expire, A7 Chip Rumored to be Built By TSMC

Apple A6 ProcessorApple and Samsung are quickly turning their amicable relationship into a casual acceptance of each other’s existence. Over the past two years, the two tech giants have spent more time in court than they have in business meetings.

Although they deny having a tumultuous friendship, Apple and Samsung appear, to the rest of us, as cutting ties with each other where ever they can. Recently, we heard rumors that Apple was planning on switching to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) for building the next generation of mobile processor chip. Today, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News is backing up that rumor with information that claims that Apple is just about ready to launch the A7 and Samsung won’t be making it.

According to the Economic Daily News, the A6 in the iPhone 5 and A6X in the fourth-generation iPad will be the last chip set that Samsung will build. Additionally, this news suggests that the A7 chip, while nearly ready for manufacturing, will not launch until 2014. Based on the assumption that Apple will release another model of iPad later this year, this means that it won’t include a faster processor.

The Economic Daily News also reported the possibility of TSMC working on a 20-nanometer chip for Apple that is actually more likely an A8 chip. The company currently uses a 28-nanometer chip. TSMC’s CEO Morris Chang says the smaller chips are set to debut in 2014.

If we do see the A7 or A8 in future iPad devices, it definitely won’t be before 2014, which likely means we won’t see it until Apple launches a sixth-generation tablet.

[via AppleInsider]

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