Apple Sued for Trademark Infringement by Hearing Aid Company

earpodsApple’s lawyers sure do manage to keep busy! Earlier this week, Apple was sued by a Chinese film studio for selling pirated movies without permission, and today, a hearing aid company has sued Apple for trademark infringement over the snazzy new headphones that it released alongside the iPhone 5 in September, which it happened to name EarPods.

According to Randolph Divisions, a company that produces a digital hearing aid called the “HearPod,” the name EarPod is just to similar to its own name. As a result, the company has filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple in the Hawaii District Court in Honolulu. At least those lawyers get to travel to some fantastic locations, right?

Apple does happen to own the trademark for the EarPods name, but it does not possess the accompanying websites, or In fact, HearPods owns the website, which could potentially spell trouble for Apple.

Randolph Divisions registered for the “HearPod” in late 2007, and believes that the EarPods, which are similar in name to its own product, are also too similar in function, though that seems to be a weak argument as it is hard to confuse a set of headphones with a microphone. They don’t quite look alike, after all.


It seems likely that Apple will get off scott free with this one, but that domain name may cause some trouble. The Cupertino-based company might just end up shelling out some cash if it wants to protect and retain the EarPods trademark.

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