Phablets are a Fad, Consumer Prefer Larger Screen Tablets

Flurry Device Size Use

Call it a huge phone or an itty-bitty tablet. No matter what, the “phablet” is just a phase. According to a report from Flurry Analytics, consumers prefer the larger screen tablets or the mid-sized phones over the awkwardly placed in-between sized device.

Based on Flurry’s report, mid-sized phones are actually the mobile device of choice. Of the top 200 device models on the market, 69 percent feature a screen size of between 3.5 and 4.9. Only 2 percent of the market includes phablets, such as the Galaxy Note.

Active users take up 72 percent of the mid-sized phone market, while 13 percent of users prefer the larger screened tablet, which features a screen that is 8.5 or larger. Only 3 percent use a phablet, while 5 percent use a small tablet, like the iPad mini.

Specifically on iOS, 74 percent of device owners use an iPhone 5 while 24 percent use a full-sized iPad. Only 2 percent of iOS device owners use an iPad mini.

Based on this information, Steve Jobs was right that a smaller-sized tablet isn’t marketable. Oddly, the iPad mini sold in record numbers during the last quarter of 2013. What are people doing with their smaller-sized tablets?

According to Flurry, “Phablets appear to make up an insignificant part of the device installed base, and do not show disproportionally high enough app usage to justify support.” While full-sized tablets appear to be very popular in the gaming market. “The success some game developers are having with a tablet-first strategy, like dominant game maker Supercell [creator of Clash of Clans], may also inspire developers of other types of apps to consider focusing on tablets.”

Thank goodness. The term “phablet” is kind of a stupid one.

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