PadGadget Photobooth: Add Text to Your Photos With Path On

pathonWelcome back to another week of PadGadget Photobooth, my weekly column that features an array of useful photography apps and accessories.

Last week, I highlighted the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi enabled SD Card that’s designed to help you get your digital photos from your camera to your iPad, and this week I thought I would share super cool photo editing app Path On, which allows you to add text to your photos in unique and interesting ways.

Path On is a simple app with a single function – it adds text to your photos. It isn’t like any other photo editing app that can words to pictures, though, because Path On allows you to create text that follows a freely drawn path.


Simply import a photo from your camera roll or take one with your iPad and then you can draw a line anywhere on the photo, which is where your text will be added. For example, import a photo of your favorite significant other or cat and draw a heart around it.

From there, you can write sweet nothings on the photo, which will take on the shape of the heart. It’s like magic! You can add text to photos in any shape you can dream up, and there are even a few presets like a spiral, a circle, and a square.


You can alter text to fit any size by changing the font and the spacing. There are a huge array of fonts (more than 70!) to choose from and you can even mix up to five fonts together for a totally unique look and choose from several different colors.

After you have added text to your photos, you can make them stand out even more with image editing tools like filters. There are 26 different photo filters to use along with adjustments for brightness, blur, and size.


Your finished photos can be shared on all of your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.

If you want to create awesome photos with cute sayings, jokes, lyrics, messages, and more, PathOn is the app to choose. Even if you only use it every once in awhile, it’s well worth having in your photo arsenal.

You can get PathOn from the App Store for $1.99.

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