Sit Down, Strap In and Get Ready for Snoopy Coaster – iPad App Review

Snoopy Coaster LogoThe Peanuts Gang was one of those comic strips that I loved reading in my dad’s newspapers as a kid. He would carefully fold the front page in half and then into thirds for prime one-handed reading while he drank his coffee. I would steal the comics page and spread it out across the living room floor, smashing my elbows into Family Circus and the advertisement page.

The Peanuts Gang was always one of the first strips to read, next to Garfield and Calvin and Hobbs. When Snoopy Coaster launched in the App Store, I was excited to have the chance to go on a super speedy adventure with Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the rest of the madcap kids, just like I did on my living room floor so many years ago.

Snoopy Coaster is an endless runner game. Except, instead of running, your group is strapped into a high-speed rollercoaster, complete with dips, jumps, and loop-de-loops. Collect coins and pop balloons for high scores as you travel through pumpkin patches, winter wonderlands, and other familiar Peanuts settings.

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To keep your coaster on the track, tap the screen to jump. Sometimes, you’ll be jumping to tracks above. Other times you’ll be trying to avoid crashing between gaps in the rails. As you travel, you’ll want to collect as many coins as possible. You will also be able to grab kites, pop balloons, and crash into oblivious birds. Each object you pick up adds to your final score.

There are bonuses and power ups that will add to your adventure. For example, pick up Linus’ blanket to have him help pull the kites in for collecting. Grab Joe Cool’s sunglasses to gain invincibility for a few seconds.

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Most endless runner games will be over once you’ve crashed the first time. Snoopy Coaster gives you multiple chances to go further as long as you have a wrench. You can collect wrenches along the rails and use them for one more try when you crash.

Coins are used in the store to buy power ups, upgrades, and fancy new coasters. You can increase the duration of magnets, add more wrenches, and buy a coaster that can float on water.

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Items in the store are high priced. While you don’t need to spend a dime in the game’s store to have a great time, it difficult to earn the amount of coins you’ll need to buy upgrades, add power ups, or change your coasters. I have a problem with games that you have to pay to download, but include in-app purchases on top of it.

Snoopy Coaster 2 Snoopy Coaster 1

What I Like: The graphics are great. I like seeing Charlie Brown turn green when you go through a loop-de-loop too many times. There are a lot of familiar Peanuts Gang settings, like the pumpkin patch or iconic Christmas objects in the winter scene.

What I Didn’t Like: In-app purchases on top of paying to download the game is a big no-no in my book, and items are very expensive in the game’s store.

To Buy or Not to Buy: If you are a fan of endless runner games, this is a great version with lots of interesting power ups and ever-changing scenery. If you are a fan of the Peanuts Gang, you’ll love the iconic imagery and collectable comic strips by Charles M. Schultz.

  • Name: Snoopy Coaster
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Chillingo
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:

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