Kid Fakes Kidnapping to Con an iPad

ipadWhat would you do for an iPad? One 12-year-old girl in Dubai wanted an iPad so badly that she faked her own kidnapping in an attempt to get her paws on one of Apple’s ultra desirable tablets.

The girl (unnamed because she’s under age) pretended to be kidnapped and then called her father, telling him that an iPad was the ransom for getting her back. Her dad, wisely suspicious, informed the police after he found that he could not get in touch with her. A subsequent police investigation of the alleged kidnapping revealed that she had concocted the entire scheme to try to get her father to buy her an iPad.

“I tried her number but she was out of range. She later called and told me she had been kidnapped and her abductors would set her free only if I got them an iPad. I informed the police who saw through her gameplan.’’

According to the Director of the Abu Dhabi City Police Station, the not-so-clever girl was located at a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. “She tried to trick her father by ‘faking’ her kidnapping after she could not persuade him to buy her the gadget, but it didn’t work,” the director said.

We’ve seen some crazy stunts by kids after an iPad, but faking a kidnapping is pretty high up on the desperation chart. Back in 2011, a 17-year-old high school student from China sold his kidney for $3,000 just to get his hands on an iPad 2.

The student later regretted his choice after ending up with a renal deficiency that landed him in critical condition. This little girl may not have sacrificed vital organs for a tablet, but she’s definitely in some hot water. I’m guessing she’s going to go without an iPad for a long, long time.

[via Khaleej Times]

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