PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iLine Cables Let You Connect Anywhere With Any Device – Hands-on Review


It’s time for another exciting installment of Sound Stage. Whether we talk about Cat Piano apps, analog keyboards that plug into your iPad, or epic DJ equipment, we love music and aren’t afraid to show it. Last week, we told you about an app that incorporates a bit of music history with anagram style puzzle games. Musaic Box may not require that you know how to play an instrument, but it sure helps if you know what each one sounds like.

This week, we go hands on with another of IK Multimedia’s new toys. We just can’t get enough of the music-loving software and hardware developers over at IK Multimedia. We recently had an in-depth review of their newest MIDI-compatible app, iLectric Piano. Talk about going down memory lane.

Today, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the company’s new iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit. This handy-dandy package comes with six different cables for connecting your iPad to all manner of audio devices.

The company likes to call iLine the “Swiss Army Knife” of the cable world. No matter where you are, or what you need to plug into, this kit has your back.


Starting with the Mono Output adapter, you’ll be able to plug your iPad into your guitar amplifier, or other mono-input speaker by connecting through your iRig so you can pack a powerful punch with AmpliTube or other compatible guitar effects apps without having to figure out a way to get the audio through the speaker. It has a 1/4-inch female connector on one side and an 1/8-inch mini headphone jack on the other.

The Stereo Aux is a traditional device-to-stereo extender with 3.5mm male-to-male connectors so you can plug into your iPad on one end and your TV or stereo headphone jack on the other. It reaches five feet long, so you don’t have to worry about the kids sitting too close to the boob tube while they watch Spongebob.


The RCA Output Adapter is ideal for plugging your iPad into your home stereo receiver. We’re not talking about listening to music on your headphones. This cable is for sending audio from your device to your sound system, so you can hear it in full volume. It features an 1/8-inch male on one side with two RCA males on the other for full left/right stereo compatibility.

The Input Output Extension is for you rockers out there who like to dance around while listening to music with your headphones, or if you move alot while singing into the mic. It features a 1/8-inch mini female connector on one side with the same sized male on the other. It basically extends the length any 1/8-inch connected device by about two feet. That includes your mobile headphones, the iRig MIC and more. You won’t have to worry about yanking your EarPods out of your ears while you are doing sit-ups anymore.


If you and your sweetheart are big on listening to music with headphones, you can make it a whole lot easier with the Headphone Splitter. This cable is also perfect for the recording studio because it lets two people plug in and listen to the same device’s audio output. It features an 1/8-inch mini male headphone connector on one side and splits in half with two 1/8-inch mini females on the other side.

The Mono Output splitter is the workhorse of the group. It sends receiver signals from a mixing board to your ipad using standard 1/4-inch left/right channel female connectors. You can playback audio from your iPad through a microphone monitor or in-house audio system with this handy cable.

Each cable features 24K gold-plated connectors to keep them from corroding, even if they stay plugged into your crusty old stereo for a long time. The connectors are all color coded so you’ll know which end to plug into the stereo and which end to hook up to your speakers.


The cables are sturdy and add depth and warmth to your audio. Try plugging your headphones directly into your iPad and then add the Input Output extension and you’ll see what I mean. The copper conductors and gold-plated connectors bring out the most in your audio return.

The whole kit comes with a velcro strap for each cable, plus a convenient carrying case that you can literally wrap up and shove in your gig bag.

The cables are all fairly limited in length. They work great, but don’t reach as far as I’d like. I also had a difficult time with the included velcro strap that each cable comes with. They don’t have a handhold, so it is difficult to put the strap back onto the cable properly.

All six cables can be purchased individually for between $14.99 and $24.99 with the average price being $19.99. However, the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit is available for preorder right now for only $59.99 for all six cables, plus the carrying case.

You can preorder the cables today from the company’s website. They are scheduled to ship in March, which means they will be ready any day now.

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