Artist Pays Homage to Steve Jobs With Bubble Wrap

Bradley-Hart-Bubble-Wrap-Paintings-1-600x708 There are not very many CEOs in the world that are given the honor of becoming the subject of someone’s artistic endeavor. If anyone does portray an executive in an art piece, the subject is usually represented as a wolf or a pig. Steve Jobs has been the object of many artists’ affections throughout his life, and after. He lives on through the interpretations of others, be it paintings, toys, or even food, the worlds most beloved CEO is often recreated by fans. Artist Bradley Hart has turned Jobs into a pixilated masterpiece by injecting paint into bubble wrap.

Visual News reported on Hart’s packing material series.

“Hart’s newest works – mostly portraits – are exceptional in the way they use each bubble in the wrap as an individual pixel. Like using colored tiles, he painstakingly injects each with paint to create the final image. We see Steve Jobs, a street scene in Amsterdam and the LCD monitor test image all beautifully reproduced. Each image when complete, becomes shiny bubbles of color. It’s just about the perfect additive process.”

Hart also has a series of impressionist paintings that includes Job’s likeness. However, the “Injections” series is more fitting of the tech giant for multiple reasons. Mixing office supplies with art shows a connection to Apple’s former CEO. Plus, the pixilated way the injection turns out is a reminder of Jobs’ role in technology. No matter what you think of it, there is no denying that this representation of Jobs shows a talent for color and a level of patience that most of us couldn’t begin to understand. Visit the artist’s website to see his other “Injections” subjects.

[Via: TUAW]

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