Super Stickman Golf 2 is a Hole in One – iPad Game Review

stickmangolfSuper Stickman Golf 2 is a follow up to developer Noodlecake’s original Super Stickman Golf game, which debuted in late 2010. The first game was a runaway hit thanks to its simple gameplay and multiplayer capabilities, and Super Stickman Golf 2 offers up more of the same along with a few improvements.

On the surface a golf game does not sound particularly revolutionary or exciting, and the Super Stickman Golf series does not sport particularly eye catching graphics, but Super Stickman Golf 2, like the first game, is amazingly addictive. Make sure to keep an eye on the clock while you play or you might just end up playing through the night to get that last set of holes under par.

Though it bills itself as a golfing app, Super Stickman App 2 is really a physics-based puzzle game, and a challenging one at that. As it is golf, the game is divided into different courses, with nine holes each (much like a standard golf course). Each hole represents a different level.

Your job is to get the golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. To play, you adjust the angle of your swing using the two arrow keys on the left hand side of the screen. Hit the go button to start the swing power meter and hit go again to send the ball flying.


Both the power that you use and the angle of the swing will determine where the ball goes in relation to the hole. You will want to use high power when you want to send the ball flying over a significant distance and lower power shots for actions like putting.

Choosing the right amount of power can be tough when you start out, so expect some high par scores before you figure out the ins and outs of virtual putting. It’s easy to send the ball flying with full power when the hole is far off, but making it into the hole from a few yards away takes skill.

After you manage to get the ball to the hole, you will move on to the next level, until you have finished all nine. If you make a mistake, you can restart, but you have to restart the entire course. Super Stickman Golf 2 doesn’t use ordinary courses – expect to have to navigate sand, water, cliffs, magnets, and portals along with mastering complicated shots like the bank shot, which requires precise wall bounces.


There are several fun power ups that will help you along if you need assistance, most notably the laser ball and the magnet ball, which are new to the second iteration of the game.

Level design is actually one of the elements that made Super Stickman Golf great, and the second version of the game is no different (and in fact offers up more brilliantly complex levels). Courses are varied and ramp up in difficulty, which keeps you on your toes. As you play through the main game, you will earn Bux, which are used to purchase levels, new characters, and new hats, which bestow abilities on your golfer.


You can play the game in single player mode, but the real fun comes when playing with friends using one of the game’s two multiplayer modes: turn based (new!) and race. In turn based, you can play a standard course competing with a friend for the lowest par, while in race mode, you aim to win first, is fun in a crazy, chaotic way.

Super Stickman Golf 2 offers 20 dynamic courses to play plus 60 achievements to earn, but with the fun multiplayer modes, you can essentially play this game an endless number of times.

What I liked: The game’s controls are honestly the key to its addictive nature. The controls are spot on and precise – using them feels entirely natural. It only takes a few minutes of gameplay to get acquainted with the power and angle necessary for general shots. I also liked the smart level design and the ever changing terrain.

What I didn’t like: Super Stickman Golf is not a super easy game. Expect some frustration while playing, and I also found that multiplayer matches had a tendency to be a bit laggy.

To buy or not to buy: If you liked the original game, Super Stickman Golf 2 is a must download, and the additions of iCloud syncing and turn-based multiplayer gameplay make it a worthwhile download for newcomers too.

  • App Name: Super Stickman Golf 2
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Noodlecake Studios
  • Price: $0.99
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