Snugg iPad Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case – Gear Review

Snugg bluetooth keyboardOur friends at The Snugg have a great new keyboard and iPad case duo – perfect for anyone looking to pump up productivity and turn your iPad into a typing machine. Testing it out for this article, I’m excited to bring you a great new accessory.

First impression, for typing, this is wayyyy better than pushing at letters on the screen. While I’m admittedly quite clumsy, I’ve never been able to really get a hang of typing on the iPad, and this keyboard could really be a time saver for me. Compared to a regular laptop or desktop keyboard, this is quite a bit more narrow, and its taken me approximately 1.5 paragraphs to get used to the letter spacing.

It was really quite effortless to set it up as well. The keyboard connects via bluetooth, so no cords or cables to get in the way. It has an on/off button and 55 hours of running time on its battery. To charge, there is a power cord that can be plugged into the wall outlet base of your iPad charger.

Snugg BTK case

Stylishly designed, the keyboard is crafted of lightweight aluminum with trim in a white plastic. For typing, it holds the iPad snuggly in either portrait or landscape orientation. It also acts like a lid for your iPad, covering and protecting the screen and sides when not in use.

A few other cheeky details include having “function” tabs along the top row of keys that control everything from volume, screen brightness, music/video playback controls, home screen shortcut… the list goes on.


What I liked: A great accessory for those looking to use their iPad for typing, this case has lots of little extra perks and is well designed.
What I didn’t like: This keyboard is more narrow than a standard one, and it took a few minutes to get used to the keys being spaced close together.
To buy or not to buy: If working on your iPad like a laptop is appealing to you, or if you just haven’t gotten the hang of typing on the iPad’s screen like me, a keyboard is a great accessory to have. We love all the little perks this one brings along, and think it is well designed, well built, and really functional.

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