Rumor of the Day: Apple To Announce 5th Gen iPad on June 29

Apple-EventWill they, won’t they? It’s like we are watching Rachel and Ross all over again. First, we thought Apple would launch the new iPad this spring. Then, the rumor was that it wouldn’t be on store shelves until the fall. Recently, we got word that there would be an iPad mini refresh in June. Now, we are hearing some very specific details that Apple is about to send out invitations to a special event scheduled to take place on June 29, the anniversary of the release of the iPhone.

Gizmorati recently reported that an unnamed source working at Apple confirmed that the company will hold a special event on June 29, 2013. The event even has a name already, “Original Passion, New Ideas.” At this purported event, the company is believed to unveil the fifth-generation iPad, as well as the next generation iPhone.

This is the first time we’ve heard a specific date for a product launch. Is that really the name of the event? It either means we are going to see a refresh of the same devices, or we will be presented with new ideas in the form of a watch or a television set, or maybe a jetpack.

Gizmorati points out that June 29 is the date the original iPhone hit store shelves in 2007. This event would also mark Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook’s, first device design from beginning to end. Former CEO Steve Jobs was around long enough to approve the iPhone 5.

Gizmorati believes the event will take place at Apple headquarters in Cupertino. However, it is not typical for Apple to hold product announcement inside the compound. It is more likely that the company will announce such news at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), something that typically takes place the first week in June, which throws off this rumor completely.

I guess we are back to wondering if Ross and Rachel will ever get together.

[Via: MacDailyNews]

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  • Normand Rivard

    I thought Steve Jobs wanted to keep the iphone the same size and not stretched by 1/2 inch. So did he decide to make the screen bigger or was that Mr. Cook’s idea?

    • lorygil

      From what I understand, Jobs approved the design of the iPhone 5 before he passed away. The next gen of iPhone and iPad will be the first to be fully under the command of Tim Cook


    Another row of icons… where can i line up ?? (sic)