Rock Bandits – Adventure Time, Its Totally Mathmatical – iPad App Review

Rock Bandit LogoBefore all of you Adventure Time fans put on your Finn hats and run out the door without your pants on, take a deep breath and sit down for a second. Once you’ve avoided a total freakout, grab a copy of Rock Bandits and then come back here to our review.

To begin with, the app starts off with an awesome digital original comic book written by Ryan North. That alone is worth the price of the download. But don’t worry, that’s not all you get with this Adventure Time adventure. It’s just the introduction story to set up the side-scrolling platform game that awaits you.

Finn and Jake must save Marceline and the Scream Queens, as well as their entire fan base, from the princess-obsessed Ice King. The Ice King is managing a new band, The Unacceptables, and instead of working to get an audience for this pop group, he steals Marceline’s.

Rock Bandit 1   Rock Bandit 2

The entire band, plus the whole crowd of screaming fans, are locked in ice blocks and Finn must rescue them so the show can go on. He sets off on a side-scrolling adventure that is about as surreal as the show itself.

To walk forward, swipe the screen in the direction you want to go. To stop, tap Finn. To jump, swipe upward. To charge, swipe fast. To cut something with the Demon sword, swipe the object you wish to slice.

As you travel across the strange and mystic land, you’ll collect minerals, apples, cupcakes, and more. Use the treasures you find to have the smithy make you new swords.

Rock Bandit 3   Rock Bandit 4

You’ll be slicing enemy eyeballs, smashing stone blocks, and scaling walls, using Jake as your right-hand-man (or dog, as it were) while you jump, slide, and crush your way across each world.

This game is definitely a lot of fun and appeals to both fans of Adventure Time and fans of side-scrolling platform games. However, the controls are very odd. Instead of using a virtual joystick and jump buttons, players must swipe their way through each level. Sometimes, when you want to charge, nothing happens. Other times, when you want to attack, you charge instead. I’d really like to seen the option of switching to traditional virtual controllers instead of using the swipe-to-move controls, especially since they don’t seem to work very well in this game.

Even though the controls are awkward and don’t work well, the game is still very entertaining and fun to look at. You’ll be feeling like you are on some kind of hallucinogens in no time at all, just like the cartoon.

Rock Bandit 5   Rock Bandit 6

What I liked: The graphics are weird and awesome. The comic book that comes with the game is probably the best part about it.

What I didn’t like: The game controls are awkward and don’t work very well.

To Buy or not to Buy: Fans of Adventure Time have probably already downloaded this app and are complaining on forums about how Finn’s sword is not authentic, even though they have already completed the entire game. Fans of side-scrolling platform games will enjoy this adventure. The price is fair for a game like this.

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