PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Homemade Gaming Console

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Welcome back to another installment of PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight where we find you amazing do-it-yourself projects that you can do at home with a bit of creativity and crafting prowess. Last week, we showed you a padded iPad sleeve made out of duct tape and an old t-shirt. Did you buy the Duck brand sheets of duct tape?

This week, we are going to get a bit technological. This project is only meant for those of you who have a jailbroken iPad, which we don’t condone. However, if you already have an iPad that you’ve jailbroken, who are we to stop you from making this cool project?

For this DIY game console from the writers at iDownloadBlog, you’ll need an iPad (that’s got the jailbreak app Blutrol loaded on it), an Apple TV, a desktop or laptop computer with SixPair on it, and a Sony Dual Shock 3 controller.


The Blutrol app allows external Bluetooth controllers to control iOS games without the need of official pairing. Sony’s newest Dual Shock controller is Bluetooth compatible, which is why you’ll want this controller.

When you plug your iPad into your desktop or laptop computer and then plug your Dual Shock 3 controller in as well, you’ll be able to pair one to the other with a few steps.

After completing the complex and convoluted process to getting the right game to link up with your controller, you’ll be in the money. To really make this an official living room game console experience, mirror your iPad to Apple TV and play games like Real Racing 3 on your 50-inch HD flat screen television set.

iDownload Blog game console

Head over to iDownloadBlog to read the how-to for taking care of all of your jailbreaking needs. We don’t jailbreak our iPads here at PadGadget, so if you are having trouble getting connected, you’ll have to ask someone else.

Thanks for checking out this fun at-home game console making DIY iPad project. Happy gaming.

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