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asktheexpertWelcome to another week of Ask the Expert, where we here at PadGadget answer all of your iPad questions. Last week we covered questions on recovering deleted photos, cleaning up app data, and taking screenshots.

This week, we’re answering a couple of mail related questions on deleted messages and adding folders, so check back after the break to get a few iPad tips or to ask a question yourself.

In mail whenever I go to the “trash” folder, the contents are there for an instant and then deleted – all of them. This happens regardless of how the “confirm delete” option in preferences is set. How can I fix this? Sometimes I would like to recover an e-mail that was inadvertently deleted.

You’re using a POP account, which means that deleted emails are permanently removed from the server when you hit that delete button.

The “Ask Before Deleting” preference that you mentioned is designed to bring up a popup that requires you to tap the red delete button to confirm that you want to delete a message. Technically, Apple is checking twice before deleting the message, once when you hit the trash button and then again when you hit confirm. See the screenshot:


Ask Before Deleting is not designed to retain your emails in the Trash folder, which is why you are seeing emails disappear when you open that folder. You can, however, keep a copy of your emails if you change your email settings to prevent the delete button from removing emails from the server. See here:


My e-mail is of the POP variety. Is there any hope of being able to create folders? This really seems like a simple request.

Unfortunately, you need an IMAP account to create folders. With a POP3 mail account, this functionality is not available. POP systems don’t support server side folders like IMAP email accounts do, making it impossible for Apple to provide synced folders.

You might want to create a free Gmail account to use on your iPad, which will support folders.

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