Mojang to Launch Minecraft Realms to Give Kids Access to Easy Online Play

minecraftIn an interview with Polygon, Mojang co-founder and CEO Carl Manneh revealed that the company plans to introduce a new subscription service called Minecraft Realms, which is designed to allow users to create a permanent game world on a dedicated server.

The service is designed to be user friendly, allowing parents and children easier access to Minecraft servers. Currently, setting up a Minecraft server requires some technical ability. Mojang’s new solution will streamline the process by making it a one-click affair, allowing both PC and mobile Minecraft players to set up servers to play with friends and family online.

I remember early on we had parents coming knocking on our office door and asking us to provide such service because they were tired of being server administrator at home.

Minecraft Realms will be the easiest way to play with your friends online. Today you can set up your own server from your own computer or rent a server but that requires some technical knowledge.

This will be a one click solution for Minecraft players. You can instantly get the server up and running and invite your friends.

Minecraft Realms will provide a permanent and persistent home for worlds created in Minecraft. It will allow users to restrict who has access to it, and only the player running the Realm will need to pay the monthly fee.

Minecraft CowsMinecraft Crafting

While the fee will be $10 to $15 per PC player, mobile players will likely pay less as the iOS version of Minecraft is more limited as far as customization goes. Minecraft Realms will start out on a small scale, but the developers plan to add additional features over time, which is the same strategy the team adopted for Minecraft Pocket Edition, rolling out simple world building tools and then adding in survival modes and crafting tools.

Notably, Mojang has been discussing a way for the PC and mobile versions of Minecraft Realms to communicate, potentially allowing iOS players to play alongside gamers who use a PC or Mac. “We have discussed that a lot,” said Manneh. “Currently it’s a big technical challenge to make that work, but you never know in the future if we could make them work together. That would be fantastic of course.”

Minecraft Realms is currently in closed alpha, and will launch before the summer.

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