Someday, You May be Able to Charge Your iPad With Your Smart Cover


Apple Patents are really making waves today. First, we saw an accidental submission from Apple engineers that showed design drawings of an as-yet-unreleased iPad. Now, it turns out that the iPad maker is working on a Smart Cover that will charge your iPad.

According to AppleInsider, the patent, titled “Integrated inductive charging in a protective cover,” shows that Apple is actively working on a design for charging wireless devices.

Even though wireless charging is not a particularly new technology, it has not caught on across the market. Apple regularly submits patents for wireless charging designs. This is the first one we’ve seen that uses the iPad’s Smart Cover in conjunction with the technology.

Most wireless charging designs use an induction coil that transfers power though a cord that is plugged into the device’s dock connector. Apple’s design calls for a tablet case (Smart Cover) to hold the inductive power transmitter. At least one design includes an internal battery with the case for “on-the-go” wireless charging.


The Smart Cover in this patent is almost identical to the currently existing version. Except, instead of padding in each segment of the cover, it is filled with battery cells and wireless charging circuitry.

The charge activates when the flap is covering the iPad’s screen. This method lets the device know that the iPad is not in use and is ready for charging.

The cover itself has to be charged in order for it to product the power needed to juice up the iPad. The cover will be able to be plugged into a power source using an AC adapter.

Just like the recent patent for a new design of the iPad, this technology is a long way off. Apple would need to add the inductive charging circuitry to their tablets as well as perfect the design of the charging Smart Cover.

Who says Apple isn’t innovative?

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