Google Updates YouTube Capture App, Adds Support for iPad and iPad Mini

googlecaptureGoogle’s YouTube Capture app was originally launched for the iPhone in December of last year, and now it’s available for both the iPad and the iPad mini too. The app is designed to allow users to record videos from their devices and then upload them instantly to YouTube.

In addition to recording capabilities, the app also offers quick and simple video editing. Stabilization is built in, so your videos will be less prone to shaking, which improves the quality.

YouTube’s Capture is capable and feature rich, but it does not, unfortunately, make it cooler to record video using your iPad. Capturing video with a full-sized tablet can undoubtedly look a bit silly!


If you don’t mind the stares and snickers from people using point and shoot cameras or the much smaller iPhones, YouTube Capture is a pretty cool option for shooting video.

After you record video using Capture, you can add in background music and enhance the quality with auto color correction. Your completed works of video art can be uploaded automatically to YouTube, and then shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all at the same time, which is handy.


You might not want to use Capture for all of your video recording needs, but when the cat is doing something cute and your iPad is all that’s around to immortalize the moment, you’ll be glad to have it.

YouTube Capture is a free app that is available for immediate download from the App Store.

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