CBS Introduces Streaming of Full Episodes with New iPad and iPhone App

cbsWhile many networks like NBC have long had dedicated apps that allow iPhone and iPad users to watch full length television shows on their devices, CBS has always lagged behind, much to the disappointment of fans.

At long last, CBS has launched a new app that is designed to offer full length episodes of primetime CBS shows, such as NCIS, The Good Wife, CSI, How I Met Your Mother, and The Late Show With David Letterman, among others.

While daytime and late night programming choices will be offered 24 hours after the shows originally air, popular primetime shows will not be available to watch until the eighth day after broadcast, which means those hoping to watch for free will need to wait a significant length of time before catching their favorite shows.

CBS first announced plans to create a television experience for the iPad in 2010, but the company originally planned to design a revamped CBS website with support for HTML5 and H.264 video, both of which function with Apple’s devices, rather than creating a dedicated app. It seems that the company decided that an app was a better option after all.


Early this year, CBS launched its first television app, CBS Connect, which was designed as a second screen experience, allowing users to connect with other viewers to chat about live television shows via Facebook and Twitter. That app never took off, and has suffered from negative reviews from fans who criticized it for not offering actual television episodes.

CBS’s new app seems to be faring a bit better, though it has only spent hours in the App Store. The app will integrate with CBS Connect when the fall TV season rolls around, offering the same social feeds and live events that allow fans to discuss their favorite shows.

The new CBS app can be downloaded immediately from the App Store for free.

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