Someone Accidentally Let the Cat Out of the Bag, Google Now is Coming to iOS

Google Now on iPhone and iPad

Google Now is a personal assistant that is a big hit for Android users. It is a lot like Siri, mixed with Passbook and Google Maps. It appears that the service is about to launch for iOS as an integrated feature in the Google Search app. According to CultofMac, a promotional video was allegedly posted to Google’s official YouTube video and subsequently pulled off.

Luckily for us, a smart viewer happened to download the video and then re-uploaded it back onto YouTube before Google had a chance to remove it.

This video is not confirmed as real. However, CultofMac points out that it looks a lot like Google’s promotional video for the Android version of the service and even features the same voice actress.

“There is very little chance that this video isn’t genuine,” writes CultofMac’s Killian Bell. “But whether Google Now will indeed come to iOS or not is another matter.” It is probably coming to iOS. Google wouldn’t have put out the effort to make a promo ad for something that doesn’t even exist.

Now, we just have to see if Apple will approve it since it directly competes with Siri.

Check out the leaked promo ad below. Click here for a direct link to it on YouTube if you don’t see the video.

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