PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Padded Duct Tape iPad Sleeve

The Fashion Camp ipad-case

Once again, we are on the search for fun and fantastic ideas for accessories that you can make at home for your iPad. Last week, we found a clever crafter who figured out a way to make an airline headrest mount. I’m pretty sure that U.S. planes don’t have the Velcro headrest cover needed for this project, but it is a clever idea, just the same.

This week, we are going to show you a fun way to make an iPad sleeve using nothing but duct tape and an old t-shirt. Is there nothing that the waterproof adhesive can’t do?

Kena from The Fashion Camp is a fashion DIY machine. Last holiday season, she made 30 gifts in 30 days and “you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to create them.” On day 13, Kena made an iPad sleeve out of duct tape.

You’ll need a hot glue gun with fabric glue sticks, a pair of scissors (you could invest in non-stick scissors that are specially made for duct tape projects), some Velcro, a roll of duct tape, an 8.5 x 11 bubble mailer, and a jersey knit t-shirt.

The first thing you will do is cut the t-shirt so that the neck hole and armholes are gone. This makes your fabric a more cohesive piece.

The next thing you will do is, cut the closable flap off of the bubble mailer envelope and then stuff your newly cut t-shirt into the mailer and adjust it so that it covers the inside. Once it is ready, you’ll use your hot glue gun to adhere the overhanging shirt to the mailer. Then, you’ll trim the excess material so that there is only about an inch of the material remaining on the outside of the mailer.

The next step is to start adding duct tape. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but these days, Duck brand duct tape comes in a plethora of colors and styles. You could even make an argyle-patterned iPad cover. Believe it or not, you can even buy sheets of the stuff instead of rolls. They come in sheets of 8.25 x 10, so you would need a little extra for this particular project, but keep it in mind when you go shopping for your ingredients.

Once you’ve taped off your whole envelope and then doubled up the process, you will add the sleeve’s closure flap. The flap is made from multiple layers of duct tape stuck together, which is then hot glued to the sleeve. The Velcro is then added to the flap and the sleeve in the appropriate position. And, you’re done.

Thanks so much to Kena at The Fashion Camp for showing us how to make a simple, but protective iPad case. Watch her entire how-to video here, or visit the website for more gift ideas.

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