Celebrate Albert Einstein’s Birthday with These iPad Apps

einsteinfeatAlbert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. Today marks what would have been his 134th birthday. Sure there are a lot of different ways to celebrate Einstein’s legacy, but we hope you will take a moment to remember this remarkable scientist by checking out an Einstein-themed iPad app or two.

This Einstein-themed list will teach readers of all ages a little more about the scientist who is almost as well known for his big hair as he is for his big ideas.

ein1I was surprised to learn, courtesy of Nova Science Now’s David Pogue, that a scientist named Thomas Harvey absconded with Einstein’s brain during the autopsy of the famous physicist in 1955. Dr. Harvey dissected Einstein’s brain into 170 different pieces from a variety of brain regions, then mounted the sections on microscope slides. Access to Einstein’s brain tissue has been limited to a small group of researchers, until now. The Harvey estate donated this collection to Chicago’s Museum of National Health and Medicine released Einstein’s Brain in the autumn of 2012. The museum digitized the collection and released Einstein’s Brain, an iPad-only app that lets anyone with an iPad and $9.99 to spare have a chance to examine Einstein’s Brain tissue.

eins2Calling Einstein is a digital graphic novel for iPad that will help curious readers learn more about black holes, gravity, and life outside our Solar System. Based on Igor Gamow’s “Calling Mr. Tompkins” print comic book series, Calling Einstein for iPad will appeal to comic book fans as well as anyone interested in learning more about how the universe works. In Calling Einstein, readers accompany Einstein and Mr. Tompkins (based on a character created by Gamow’s father George, who was a renowned physicist and early proponent of the Big Bang) on a journey through the universe that is as lively as it is educational. Download Calling Einstein from the App Store for $9.99.

ein3Be sure to check in with BrainPOP, who offer a great movie about Einstein’s life. Those with a BrainPOP subscription (or who have access through a child’s school), can watch the movie any day they wish. No subscription? Not to worry, download BrainPOP’s featured movie app for iPad. This free app allows the user to watch one featured movie and several related movies without subscribing. And on Einstein’s birthday, chances are good that BrainPOP will be featuring their movie about this remarkable scientist.

Want to go deeper into particle physics? Use Apple’s native Podcast app to download the Open University’s Relativistic Universe podcast.

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