Behind the App: StudyPad Extends Splash Math Series to Kindergarteners

Parents and teachers are always on the lookout for kids edu-apps that help students stay on top of their schoolwork. StudyPad’s Splash Math series is popular with grown-ups and kids alike, plus each app in the series is aligned to the Common Core curriculum, and covers an entire school year’s worth of material.

StudyPad’s Mithun Jhawar shared his thoughts about Splash Math Kindergarten, children’s learning preferences, and the popularity of Splash Math apps in schools and homes.

PadGadget: You’re introducing a new app that focuses on Kindergartners later this month. Can you tell us a little more about it?
StudyPad: We had a very successful Splash Math series of apps for grades 1-5. A good number of our existing users requested us to come up with a Kindergarten version, and we just followed it up with a Splash Math Kindergarten app. Like all other Splash Math apps, Kindergarten app is a comprehensive app with Common Core aligned in content. It’s based on the exciting jungle theme, which I am sure kids would love.

PG: Why did you decide to create the Splash Math series?
SP: With the launch of iPads and other mobile touch devices, there has been a paradigm shift in educational practices in schools and learning medium preferences of kids. We felt most of the apps in the market focused more on individual concepts then, and there was a huge dearth of apps which provided comprehensive content aligned to what kids learn in school. This motivated us to create the Splash Math series.

PG: Are your apps currently used most often at school or at home?
SP: Both. We have over 10K teachers using Splash Math in schools. More than 3 million kids use Splash Math apps.

PG: What were the challenges to bring your first app to market?
SP: The greatest challenge has been to understand the learning preference of kids. Presenting the right mix of engaging content in the appropriate format at the right time to the kid is critical to creating our apps. We have been fortunate to have had the right educators on board to help us with seamless content creation process.

PG: Has the release of the iPad mini presented any challenges or opportunities for your business?
SP: Since our inception, we had the strategy in place to target multiple screen sizes and different platforms (iOS, Android) and hence we did not face any issues. We are excited to see iPad mini and hope it would be a great success.

PG: Who are your favorite iOS app developers?
SP: Toca Boca

PG: Is there an obsolete tech gadget that you feel nostalgic for?
SP: Not really – I like to trade old ones as quickly as possible for new better ones.

Now it’s time for the speed round. It’s easy; just tell me which term you prefer:

Lightning or 30-pin? Lightning

Jobs or Cook? Jobs

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

iPad or iPhone? iPad

Wi-Fi or cellular? Wi-Fi

Print or digital? Digital

Work or sleep? Sleep

Pie or cake? Cake

Anyone with a Kindergartner at home won’t want to miss Splash Math Kindergarten, which should be available in the App Store by the end of March 2013.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite