Crazy Russian Developers Build iPad Controlled Car

A couple of Russian computer and engineering wizards decided to have a little fun and concocted a DIY iPad controlled automobile.  The geeks created a custom app for their iPad 3 to interface with remote controlled servos that were bolted on to the steering, accelerator and brakes of an old Opel Vectra.

While the Russian’s crazy DIY hack is certainly clever, it’s not the first time that engineers have combined an iPad with a car.  Shortly after the original iPad was released, a group of German university students developed an autonomous taxi that used an iPad and a custom app to control the car.

The AutoNOMOS team from the Freie Universität (Free University) in Berlin developed a taxi ordering app called “Pick me up!”  With the app, a user can order a taxi from their iPad and have it automatically find their location using GPS. Once the pilotless taxi arrives to pickup the customer, they can enter their desired destination directly from their iPad.

While Apple may not be actively pursuing the autonomous car market itself, others like Google have been working on self-driving cars for the past several years. Google has gone so far as to work with local state legislatures to introduce new laws allowing self-driving on public roads.

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