Bakbone Ring Adapter Lets You One Hand Your iPad

bakboneUsing an iPad while trying to complete other tasks can be challenging. The iPad is heavy and can be unwieldy to hold in one hand, which makes it difficult when you need to use it on the go. Even an iPad mini, with its smaller size, can be slippery to grip in one hand, which is why the Bakbone magnetic tablet holder is such a handy accessory.

The Bakbone Tablet Holder is a clever device that is designed to allow you to use your iPad with a single hand. Simple stick it on your tablet and then fit your middle finger inside the hole or hold it between your fingers. Instant stabilization!

Not only is the Bakbone innovative, it’s also lightweight and portable. The magnets inside are super strong rare earth magnets, with one embedded in the ring and one that is attached to the iPad via adhesive for an unshakeable grip. The adhesive that attaches the magnetic disk to your iPad is 3M VHB, which means it is entirely removable.

Because it has a raised magnet design, you can rotate your iPad 360 degrees with it attached and it remains firmly in place, which means it works equally well in both landscape and portrait modes.


The Bakbone is made of rigid, injection-molded plastic with a silicone-like covering, which means it’s perfect for your living room, but also equally suitable for sterile environments like medical and educational facilities since it can be easily sterilized.

Since the Bakbone does not actually touch your tablet due to the raised magnet design, it will never scratch or mar the aluminum finish. It also functions well with rigid-backed cases or covers.

iPads are often used in medical offices, retail locations, and in construction, all of which are applications where the Bakbone would make the tablet far easier to use. Holding an iPad and inputting information can be a multitasking nightmare, which is where the Bakbone will shine. You can get your own Bakbone for $34.95 from the website.

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